Preventative Maintenance

As a trusted auto repair shop, we at Auto Pros often hear from customers who only bring their vehicles in for repairs when something is already broken. While we’re always happy to help with any necessary repairs, we also strongly recommend that our customers practice preventative maintenance on their vehicles to avoid costly breakdowns and repairs down the road.

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance refers to the routine maintenance that should be performed on a vehicle to prevent problems before they occur. This can include tasks such as oil changes, fluid flushes, engine & fuel cleaning, tire rotations, and regular inspections of key components like brakes, belts, and hoses. By performing these tasks regularly, vehicle owners can catch potential issues before they become major problems, ultimately saving time, money, and frustration.

Why is preventative maintenance important?

There are several reasons why preventative maintenance is important, including:

Improved Safety: Regular maintenance can help identify and fix potential safety issues before they become a serious problem. For example, catching a worn brake pad during a routine inspection could prevent a dangerous brake failure on the road.

Increased Reliability: Regular maintenance helps keep a vehicle running smoothly and can prevent breakdowns and other unexpected issues. This is especially important for those who rely on their vehicle for daily transportation or for those planning a long road trip.

Extended Lifespan: A well-maintained vehicle is likely to last longer than one that is neglected. By taking care of your vehicle through regular maintenance, you can help extend its lifespan and save money in the long run.

Saves Money: Preventative maintenance is often less expensive than major repairs, and can help avoid unexpected expenses that come with a vehicle breakdown.

Better Resale Value: A well-maintained vehicle is more valuable to potential buyers than one with a history of neglect. Regular maintenance can help maintain the value of your vehicle over time. To reinforce this any and all work performed at Auto Pros is logged with CarFax keeping the value of your vehicle at its highest.

How to Implement Preventative Maintenance

Implementing a preventative maintenance plan is easy. Start by reviewing your vehicle’s systems; the Coolant System, the Braking System, Steering System, Drivetrain System, Fuel System & Suspension System. Each system has certain needs depending on your vehicle and it vital to be well informed on what these are.

Next, work with a trusted auto repair shop like Auto Pros to schedule routine maintenance appointments. Our experienced technicians can help identify potential issues and recommend the necessary repairs to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Finally, make preventative maintenance a priority by adding it to your calendar and sticking to your schedule. This will help ensure that your vehicle receives the necessary care to stay reliable, safe, and enjoyable to drive.


Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and avoiding costly breakdowns. At Auto Pros, we recommend that our customers prioritize routine maintenance to avoid expensive repairs and maintain the safety and reliability of their vehicles. By taking a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance, you can ensure that your vehicle is always ready for the road ahead.


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