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Tip of the Week - Fueling Up to Save Your Pump

With Fuel costs at an all-time high, most people find themselves pumping up on a budget. $10 here... $20 there... Well, your experts at Auto Pros have a little tip that can save you big money. Never let your fuel gauge drop below a quarter of a tank (1/4), this will greatly maximize the life of your fuel pump. With the average cost of a fuel pump repair ranging from $500-$1800, this tip will make you re-think fueling up sparingly. Your fuel pump actually utilizes the presence of fuel to keep it from overheating, when your tank reaches a quarter of a tank, the electric motor of the pump is now exposed and begins to overheat. After continued exposure, the stress on the fuel pump overheating causes it to burn up, leaving you stranded with a hole burnt in your wallet. Running your vehicle below a quarter of a tank also leads to your engine misfiring as it struggles to evenly distribute the fuel to each cylinder of your engine, causing premature damage to your engine components and cataly ... read more


Fuel System

Tips & Tricks - Getting the Most Out of Your A/C

On these hot days, ensuring you're getting the most out of your vehicle's A/C is on everyone's mind, so the experts at Auto Pros have a quick tip in mind. When first turning on your A/C, always put your A/C on outside air mode and full blast, once the system is working and cool air is released from the vents, switch it to recirculation mode. This creates noticeably optimal cooling temperature while putting less stress on your A/C components. Doing this will allow your A/C system to push out unwanted hot air as it gets to temperature then with a press of a button, keeping the cool air in and hot air out. This simple trick will also stretch the life of your compressor and blower motor as maintaining cool air is always easier than blowing at maximum non-stop. Well, that's it for now from your friends here at Auto Pros, be sure to check in every week for the next tip that may keep your car running great and your money in the bank


Air Conditioning
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