Automotive AC Service and Repair

A/C is a must during the summer months in the AV, so it's all that more important that we keep your A/C in top-notch shape. Luckily Auto Pros has you covered there, we are one of the leading A/C shops in the valley, able to service both R-134a and 1234yf. Our certified technicians will make sure your vehicle can keep you cool and comfortable through all seasons.

When you leave your vehicle's A/C in our hands, our technicians will aim to ensure your vital A/C components are working efficiently and effectively. One way we do so is by visually inspecting all Schrader valves, belts, fuses & lines, such simple components can lead to costly A/C repairs if left unchecked. Next is ensuring all pressure levels are at peak performance to avoid restrictions, which can cause severe damage to the compressor and condenser. Lastly, our technicians will perform a long vacuum of the system before recharging it back to spec, which optimizes the cooling of the system. 

Feel the Auto Pros experience for yourself, let us worry about your A/C needs so you can focus on driving with comfort & peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered. Call or visit us today!

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