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2013 Volvo XC60


Volvo XC60

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Check tire condition, steering/suspension, all hoses & fluids, brakes & rotors/drums, front struts/shocks, rear struts/shocks, exhaust system, all belts, radiator & hoses, battery & terminals, battery cables, headlights, lights, wiper blades, factory scheduled maintenance, lubricate and check chassis, change oil and oil filter.
  • DISC ROTOR – Remove & Replace – Front,Both Sides. – [Includes: Replace Pads (if necessary). DOES NOT include refinishing.]
  • DISC ROTOR – Remove & Replace – Rear,Both Sides. – [Includes: Additional time for use of scan tool to perform this procedure.] – [Includes: Replace Pads (if necessary). DOES NOT include refinishing.]
  • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – 3.2L Eng
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